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New Year, New You – A Sneak Peak Into Next Years Hottest Trends



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

With the new year right around the corner and the Christmas holiday season approaching at lightning speed, this is a great time to take a sneak peek at the hottest fashion trends for 2016 and do some shopping for others, as well as for yourself. Below is a list of closet must-haves trending in the upcoming year. Please keep in mind that these items are also popular now if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The Oversized Clutch
The oversized clutch comes in a multitude of colors, textures and sizes, and is the perfect purse to compliment any outfit. Popular styles include the oversized envelope scaled up in size complete with beads or tassels and the portfolio; a self-expressed billboard showcasing logos, cowhides or even fur. Last but not least, is the duffel clutch which brings a new trend to the oversized clutch family with its unique shape.

The Bandana.
This surprise fashion return has turned into a versatile must-have accessory for winter 2015/2016. The bandana has been described as the breakout neckwear of the season and new year, debuting in a variety of colors and styles. The classic variation and oversized silhouette can be found in metallic material, graphics and jeweled accents.

The Backpack
We are not talking about a school fashion trend here. The backpack purse has returned in the classic backpack style, with the addition of the sling along the rucksack and classic backpack styles. Straps are usually leather or even fur, and the classic backpack has an updated look with a chunky zipper.

The Blanket Scarf
The blanket scarf is a glamorous and popular trend for 2015-2016. This sleek wardrobe accompaniment adds an abundance of style to any outfit. The popular styles include Sherpa-lined patchwork, graphics and basic lines.

The Tall Boot
While boots have been trending the last couple of seasons, the tall boot is the popular trend for 2015-2016. These boots are typically above-knee length and there are several unique distinctions to this footwear trend. The variations include tall sneaker boot, tall wedge boot and the oversized shaft boot.

The Oversized Gem
The oversized gem is not limited to necklaces, but this latest fashion trend also includes earrings and bracelets. This bold accessory look is composed of beautiful large, chunky crystals or a variety of different gemstones. As the latest jewelry sensation, this makes anyone make an unforgettable statement when combining this accessory with any outfit.

The Parka
It’s time to say goodbye to the ski jacket look, as the parka we are talking about here is nothing less than high fashion to start out the season. The parka, while a casual outerwear must-have, has been glammed up with the addition of optional fur-lined hoods and sassy quilted patterns. Patch pockets are typically present, along with functional drawstring waists or quarter zippers.

The Oversized Sweater
This fashion trend is just in time for winter 2015 and the new year. The oversized sweaters take on the rounded shape that have recently appeared on jackets, complete with dropped shoulders. Long knitted sleeves add to the elongated silhouettes and necklines vary from classic crews to turtlenecks.


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